Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct

Praram 9 Hospital Public Company Limited (“the Company”) registered as a public company limited on March 29, 2018 and listed its ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 30, 2018, under the securities symbol “PR9”.

The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of officiating with the good corporate governance principles, therefore has the policy to continuously promote better corporate governance within the organization. With confidence that such is a significantant factor which will help the Company’s business operations to be effective and grow sustainably. As good corporate governance is a tool that reflects the effectiveness of management systems, that are transparent and accountable; it leads to building confidence for shareholders, investors, stakeholders of the Company; and can be confidence that the Company operate business transparently and fairly to all stakeholders. In addition, this allows the Company to be able to adapt appropriately amid rapid changes in business and technology which results in long-term growth and create sustainable value for the business.

Since being conversed into Rama 9 Hospital Public Company Limited in 2018, the Board of Directors has prepared policies on corporate ethics and good corporate governance in written form. The content covers 5 significant key principles of good corporate governance, including shareholders’ rights, equitable treatment of shareholders, taking into account the role of stakeholders, disclosure of information and transparency and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. In order to be able to cover various factors to be in consistent with changes in business operations in terms of goals, strategies and operations of the Company, the Board of Directors has therefore determined that the policy shall be revised and reviewed regularly on a yearly basis. The poicy shall be accurate, complete, and clear in accordance with the guidelines that are in consistent with the principles of good corporate governance (CG Code) of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission which has been revised. This includes being in consistant with the criteria of Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) as well as the international guidelines of ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ASEAN CG Scorecard). The Company has also invited experts from external consulting companies to give lectures to the Board of Directors, executives and related parties to create mutual understanding. The Company also provides training to educate new employees on the orientation day and test their knowledge and understanding after the training. Then explain the answers for them to know which all employees shall attend the training and pass the tests on such topics, by treating it as part of the work regulations. Furthermore, the Company has publicize the policies to all directors, executives and employees of the company, including all relevant stakeholders, to acknowledged and adhere to as guidelines in officiating in the same direction.

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Corporate Governance Policy

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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Quality Assessment

Praram 9 hospital Public company Limited received a perfect score from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Assessment conducted by the Thai Investors Association as follow:

Assessment (Year) Score Listed Companies have full assessment score Listed companies under assessment
2019 100 Point 182 627