Mr. Bhanapot Damapong

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Satian Pooprasert

Chief Executive Officer

Several significant events occurred with Praram 9 Hospital Company Limited in the year 2018. The company has registered the conversion to a public company limited on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 30, 2018 and changed the name to Praram 9 Hospital Public Company Limited.

In addition, besides from developing new innovations, one of the important goals and strategies, the Company also has more core mission that is to offer the best options and cost effective in providing health care, prevention and treatment services; by a team of professional and modern tools. In the past year, the company has received well feedback from customer which can be seen from the overall Company’s operating performance. Moreover, the company has been awarded Thailand Top Company Awards 2018 for the health service industry category from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in cooperate with Business+ Magazine, which is one of many awards the company has received. These are reconfirmation of our commitment to deliver quality medical services and is well accepted Healthcare Accreditation Institute and other recognized institutes.

Under the Operation Plan, the company emphasizes on operating business with responsibility towards customers and taking into account the benefits of society including social care, to prevent negative impacts on the environment. This can be seen from the appointment of the Facility Management and Safety (FMS) working group, which plays an important role in being the center of management and management and safety as well as occupational health and environment; with the purpose of creating progressive growth for the company.

The operating direction for the year 2019, the company is still determined to continue to operate in accordance with the goals, strategies and missions set, along with economic and social growth; with the purpose of enhancing the quality and efficiency of services in accordance with the international standard. We aim to be top private hospital that is ready to grow sustainably in the future.