Challenges in the transformation towards digital technology in the Healthcare industry with the coming of the Covid-19 epidemic situation has indeed been a turning point that has driven consumers and the medical industry to adapt themselves to the digital world, such as the use of robots and automation (Robotics & Automation), remote operations (Telemedicine), including online consulting (Video Conferencing), etc. Many countries have adopted various technologies whether it be Cloud computing, Blockchain, AI, Big data, 5G and Robotics, to support the medical cause thereby creating innovations as well as harnessing technology to develop the infrastructure, Health Innovations and Public Health, as well as other resources in the development of the economy, society, and the environment, towards sustainability
The Company, as an establishment for good health and well-being, and as a Public Health establishment, has applied innovation and technology to health screening and treatment systems in the form of a Virtual Hospital and Telemedicine, and the treatment of complex illnesses. PR9 has also opened new specialized medical centers such as LASIK Center, Spine Center, Sleep Deprivation Center, all of which are a part of the strategy for growth in moving towards the digital economy and society. This has been achieved through cooperation with business partners to help customers get a better experience and expand treatment channels, leading to the creation of a mechanism to drive the country’s long-term economic growth in accordance with the sustainability management policy.