Corporate Governance Policy and Business Ethics

Praram 9 Hospital Public Company Limited (“the Company”) was registered as a public limited company on March 29, 2018 and listed its ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 30, 2018, under the ticker symbol “PR9”.

Recognizing the importance of compliance with the principles of good corporate governance, the Board of Directors has, therefore, set a policy to continuously promote better corporate governance within the organization with a belief that it is a significant factor promoting the Company’s effective business operations and sustainable growth. Good corporate governance is a tool to demonstrate the effectiveness, transparency and accountability of management systems, which will enhance confidence of the Company’s shareholders, investors and stakeholders of its transparent operations that is fair to all stakeholders. In addition, this allows the Company to be able to adapt itself appropriately amidst rapid changes in business and technology, thus resulting in long-term growth and sustainable value for the business.

Since the conversion into Rama 9 Hospital Public Company Limited, the Board of Directors has developed a written policy on corporate ethics and good corporate governance. The content complies with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s CG Code, the regulations set by the Institute of Directors (IOD) and ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ASEAN CG Scorecard), covering five significant good corporate governance principles -- shareholders’ rights, equitable treatment of shareholders, role of stakeholders, disclosure of information and transparency, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, which covers key factors and supports changing in goals, strategies and operational direction of the Company.

In 2020, the Board of Directors reviewed and updated the corporate governance policy in accordance with the regulations and recommendation from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The Company invited SET’s specialists and senior executives with expertise in corporate governance and sustainability to give a lecture on driving sustainable business in the areas related to the economy, society, and environment and conducted “THSI One on One Coaching” activity for the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Development Committee, CEO, Sustainability Working Committee and related employees. After the event, the participants had a better understanding and a clear picture of how to adapt and implement the knowledge in driving business operations towards sustainability.

The Board of Directors has emphasized on corporate governance and sustainability and encouraged employees to adopt the principles for business operations, ensuring transparency, ethics and respect for all stakeholders. With such commitment, the Company received 100 full score in the annual general shareholders’ meeting assessment and was rated “Excellent” in the Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR). The Company was also included in the top quartile of the listed companies with 3,000-million-baht - 9,999-million-baht market cap for the second consecutive year after it became a listed company on SET.

The Company has set a clear policy to arrange a training on corporate governance and Code of Conduct as part of new employees’ orientation program, ensuring that directors, executives and employees acknowledge and adopt such principles and guidelines. After the training, the Company arranges a test and gives explanation of the test answers to the new employees. Similar training is included in the compulsory training program for all employees to attend and review on annual basis as is treated as part of the work regulations. The corporate governance and Code of Conduct are also communicated to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, partners, etc. for their acknowledgement and implementation through the Company’s Intranet and website under Investor Relations menu.

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